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NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation is a leading manufacturer of hermetic housings used for the long-term protection of sensitive electronic components, and thermal links (known under the brand name SEFUSE®) which protect electric appliances from overheating. The protection mechanism of SEFUSE® Thermal Cutoffs functions by accurately detecting a temperature rise and immediately cutting off the circuit before an electric appliance can overheat.

NEC SCHOTT Components offers products and services based on their core technologies; Glass-to-Metal Sealing (GTMS),  and Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing (CerTMS®), and cutting edge specialty glasses. In addition, the Company sells glass substrates with the fine-pitched through vias (SCHOTT HermeS®) used for MEMS devices.

New Products

Small, but powerful:
SEFUSE battery fuse D6SC - Downsized body with rated current 15A

D6SC battery fuse
Electronic devices require smaller components with even higher performance to be able to save space which is key.

Our new Battery Fuse “D6SC series” is a compact and reliable surface mount type battery fuse. It’s featured in a downsized body with a narrow width (4x3mm) and a low height (0.85mm) with rated current 15A. The prime usage is to protect the electric circuit of Li-ion (lithium polymer) batteries for applications like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, ebikes and powertools.

The heat reactive core in the device activates when an overcharge occurs, so that the fuse cuts off the circuit in order to protect the Li-ion battery.

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New Power Supply Terminals
For electric compressors used in air conditioners of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles(HEV/EV)

Compressor Seals for Vehicle Air Conditioning
There is a growing need for energy efficient hybrid and electric vehicles. These battery-powered vehicles use an electric compressor for their air conditioner. 

NEC SCHOTT hermetic terminals, used as power supply terminals for electric compressors, provide excellent airtight and electric insulation properties. Our special manufacturing process makes it possible to design packages with a longer creepage for glass insulators without requiring any ceramic parts. In addition, the hermetic terminals support large-current applications as well as pressure resistant design for CO2 refrigerants.

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