Company Profile

Name   NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation
Representative   Representative Director, President
Masahiro Taketomi
Established   September 14th, 2000
Inauguration   October 1st, 2000
Capital   1,700 Million Yen
(Controlling share: SCHOTT 51%, NEC 49%)
Business Scope   Development, production and sales of electronic/electric components such as Glass-to-Metal Seals and Thermal Links.
Sales of special glass materials and other products.
Location   Nichiden, Minakuchi-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga 528-0034, Japan
Access Details   Access by train

  • Kyoto Station to Kusatsu Station (JR Biwako Line) <20 min>
  • Kusatsu Station to Kibukawa Station (JR Kusatsu Line)< 30 min >
  • JR Kibukawa Station to NEC SCHOTT Components Corp. <10 min by tax>
Access by car
about 20 min from the Ryuo interchange on the Meishin Expressway.
  • about 20 min from the Shigaraki interchange on the Shin Meishin Expressway
History   - 1960: The plant in Minakuchi begins its operation for New Nippon Electronic Co., Ltd
- 1983: The company name is changed to NEC Kansai
- 2000: The plant begins operation under the Joint Venture NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation