Corporate Message

Masahiro Taketomi NEC SCHOTT
Masahiro Taketomi Representative Director President

The reliability and safety in electronics is our mission

Our solutions may not be visible to the ordinary eye, but they are indispensable for most electronic products and appliances.
Our ambition is to further enhance our global leadership in our fields of expertise by contributing to our customers' success through innovative, highly reliable and safe products.

In the field of electronic components such as Glass/Ceramic-to-Metal Sealed (GTMS and CerTMS®) Feedthroughs and Housings as well as Thermal Links (Thermal Cutoffs), we will continue to supply high quality products and services with special efforts in innovation and by combining the global know-how of both NEC and SCHOTT.

We encourage our employees to be proactive so as to create value and to achieve our corporate vision and objectives.
In addition, we are making a conscientious effort towards the conservation of the environment and the well being of our society.

If you are interested about our business values and standards, please refer to our corporate philosophy documents below.