Our Commitment to the Environment

Here at NEC SCHOTT Components, we have been conducting eco-conscious management respecting the workings of nature in corporate activities including all processes of development and design, purchase, production, disposition, and sale.
We successfully acquired the ISO14001 certification in 2003, and since then, we have been conducting environmentally safe activities in accordance with international management systems, while achieving successful results.
Specifically, we have been working on the design, development, manufacture, and sale of products with enhanced performance and reduced environmental loads compared with conventional products. We also focus on reduction in energy consumption in the production processes, in order to achieve steady reduction in CO2 emissions, power and water consumption, and waste generation.
NEC SCHOTT Components has been working to raise the environmental consciousness and enhance the skills of each individual employee through environmental training, as well as cleaning activities in neighboring areas.
Furthermore, we have been actively participating in a variety of activities sponsored by government and environmental organizations to deepen cooperation with neighboring companies and work on CSR activities including environmental conservation in neighboring areas, thus aiming to achieve our Corporate Philosophy “NSC will be a company that touches everyone’s heart.”

For details on our environmental responsibilities, please refer to the following Environmental Policy.