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We are a joint venture company between SCHOTT in Germany and NEC in Japan, and the leading global player in electronic components field such as Glass to Metal Seals (GTMS) and Thermal Links (TF) .Our solution may not be visible to your ordinary eyes, but we are proud that almost all electrical products and automotive components would not be functional and safe without us inside.

We are always looking for good persons who globally work for NEC SCHOTT with initiative. If you want to play an active role in such B to B global business, add our company to your life choices, please.

We are now searching such positions at the moment.
  • Products Engineer
  • Production/Process  Engineer
  • Sales representative

If you want to get detail information more about NEC SCHOTT as well as SCHOTT, make a contact with below, please. We are looking forward to your contact.

Satoshi Mizukami, HR Group Manager
Koji Fujino, HR Supervisor

NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation
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