Material Procurement Information

We always wait for quotations and suggestions from suppliers to manufacture and supply better products for customers.

Material Procurement Policy
  • We value good faith and are reliable to work on building a solid supply chain together with suppliers.
  • We comply with related laws and regulations to promote the procurement of resources taking into account environmental conservation and resource protection.
  • We, as a member of the SCHOTT (Electronic Packaging) Group, expand transactions with competent suppliers around the world.

Items Soliciting Procurement

We attach importance to “quality”, “price”, “delivery schedule”, and “environment” in evaluating and adopting items soliciting procurement.
  • Quality: We are seeking a structure capable of meeting our customers’ needs (i.e., quality and environmental management structure under ISO 9001/14001 or equivalent).
  • Price: We are seeking business partners that work on solutions for continual cost reduction together with us.
  • Delivery schedule: We are seeking business partners who excel in response capabilities to variations in order to build a solid supply chain.
  • Environment: We are seeking business partners who respect environment and have superior environmental management technologies.
Applications * Process Types Outline
Parts for Thermal Links 1 Pin cutting proces Cutting and nailing process of 1 mm wire
Copper wire (cutting, heading process....)
2 Spring process Small size precision spring
3 Ceramic components Alumina/Steatite
Precision molding, tubing
4 Precision pressing/coining process Following metal precision process

Cu/ Brass Phosphor bronze etc.
5 Injection molding Following metal precision process
PPS LCP etc.
6 Precision stamping/insert molding Following metal precision process
Cu/ Phosphor bronze etc.  PPS LCP etc.
7 Plating process Silver plating onto caps and leads
Parts for GTMS
(Glass-to-Meal Seals)
1 Precision milling process Following metal precision process
2 Precision drilling process Steel(S10C-S20C, SPC)
3 Precision stamping/coining process Kovar (Fe-Ni-Co)
4 Deep drawing process 42 Alloy(Fe-Ni)
5 Cold forming process SUS(303,304,316)
6 Pin cutting process Nickel Silver (Ni-Cu-Zn)
7 Carbon fixtures process Precision drilling, milling process
Other materials 1 Chemicals for plating  
2 Chemicals for wastewater treatment
3 Packing Materials
【Parts for GTMS(Glass-to-Metal Seals)】
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【Parts for Thermal Links】

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