【The last accepting order data is coming soon!】 Discontinue Announcement of Thermal Link SF(H)-E/F/L and SF-N/U Series

We would like to announce that, we are going to discontinue the production of SF(H)-E/F/L and SF-N/U series in December, 2017.
SF E/N series were developed as a successor model of U series which is an original type of our thermal links. After that, we have developed compact model “L” series, high reliability model “SFH-E/F/L” series, and have been continuing the production; however we have been mass producing “SF-R series” which is a successor and new model since April, 2013.
 The concept of SF-R series are compact and higher reliability, such as “higher Tm rating (maximum temperature limit)”, “better interrupting load ability”, and “quicker responsiveness”.
 SF(H)-R series will become our core product; therefore, we would like to discontinue SF(H)-E/F/L and SF-N/U series. We appreciate your kind cooperation.

 The last accepting order: the end of June, 2017
 The last delivery: the end of December, 2017

*For a maintenance product, we have a plan to keep the production for a while after 2017, thus please contact our sales division.

・Application for safety standard.
  When you apply the safety standards, you might need to notify an additional application to related organization.
 Therefore, we highly recommend you to consult them by yourself.